2024 3rd International Conference on Neuromorphic Computing (ICNC 2024)

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Neuromorphic hardware and system design

· Including new neuromorphic chips

· Memristors and brain-like computing hardware

· Low-power neural network accelerators

◕ Neural algorithm and computational model

· The new algorithm of neural network

· The fusion of deep learning and neuromorphic computing

· Spiking neural network

· Adaptive and plasticity computing model are discussed

◕ Cognition and perception system

· Brain-like vision, auditory and other sensory processing

· The application of machine learning in cognitive tasks

· Situation understanding and behavior planning

◕ Biologically inspired computing and theory

· Neuroscience basis

· Brain function simulation

· Neural coding and decoding mechanism

· Synaptic plasticity and learning algorithm

◕ Applications and case studies

· Application examples of neuromorphic computing in the fields of autonomous driving

· Medical health

· Robotics

· The Internet of Things

◕ Interdisciplinary integration

· Neuromorphic computing intersects with other fields, such as quantum computing

· Photonic computing

· The application of material science in neuromorphic devices

◕ Software and tool development

· Neuromorphic computing software framework

· Simulation and simulation tools

· Programming language and compiler optimization